Organisations involved

The Team

The project is a collaboration between the Met Office, Exeter Climate Systems, University of Exeter, the Department of Meteorology, University of Reading and the National Centre for Atmoshperic Science.

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Investigator Responsibilities
Julia Roberts Generating and validating model storm footprints
Hazel Thornton Head of Met Office group

Acknowledgements. Many thanks to Jessica Standen from the Met Office mesoscale group for generating and providing support on the downscaled data used in this catalogue.

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Investigator Responsibilities
Laura Dawkins Storm selection
David Stephenson Head of University of Exeter group
Ben Youngman Recalibration of footprints

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Investigator Responsibilities
Adrian Champion Storm tracks and storm selection
Kevin Hodges Author of tracking code
Len Shaffrey (NCAS) Head of University of Reading group
Marc Stringer (NCAS) Website

Additional support

Willis Research Network logo The project has also been supported by Willis Research Network, and Angelika Werner in particular.

Centre for Business and Climate Solutions logo David Stephenson wishes to thank the Centre for Business and Climate Solutions for supporting his time on this project.
Walker Institue logo We are thankful to the Walker Institute for funding Marc Stringer to design website.
Lighthill Risk Network logo The Met Office acknowledges the support of the Lighthill Risk Network in the development of this service.

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